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Climate Change and Planetary Health: Initiating and Leading Transformative change

CIH LMU Munich and Planetary Health Academy Online Course in March 2022: Climate Change and Planetary Health: Initiating and Leading Transformational change

Course Dates: 1.3.2022; 31.3/1.4.2022; 6.5.2022; 17.6.2022
Course Credits: 3 ECTS
Cost: EUR 600,-
Location: Online Course
Course duration: Online modules 1.3.2022; 31.3/1.4.2022; 6.5.2022; 17.6.2022; Individual work (Preareading, Prep. Assignment, Final Assignment) 35 hours; Work in cohorts 25 hours; Work in plenary 30 hours.
Scholarships: Some scholarships can be provided. Please send a motivational letter.

For more information please visit:
www.cih.lmu.de oder www.planetary-health-academy.de

Climate change is the biggest threat for global health (Lancet 2009). Millions are victims of heat waves, droughts, floods and storms, hunger and the spread of infectious diseases, sea level rise and resulting migration and political instability. Children, not responsible for any of the causes, will suffer the most. The World Economic Forum ranks climate change and associated threats highest in its latest Global Risks Report: “The world is sleepwalking into a catastrophe.”

„Bold new approaches to policy making, research, and business are needed in order to change course. An unprecedented challenge demands an unprecedented response.“

(The Lancet Countdown, 2019)

We have seen the signs for years. But we did almost nothing to change the course. Do we suffer from collective paralysis? Why are we stuck? We seem to be unable to reflect the need for a great transformation. Does it go beyond our current capacity of imagination?

„Highly engaging, unsetting and thought stimulating module. A great opportunity to interact with leading experts and optimistic peers.“

(Given Moonga – The University of Zambia, Departement of Epidemiology and Biostatistics)

Understanding the facts of climate change and the health consequences of climate change is not enough. We need to act as transformational change agents, networks and alliances, argue the case for transformation and implement multiple transformation pathways in the health sector and beyond both on local and global levels.

This advanced course is the first of its kind globally, bringing together health and climate science and the transformational change perspective.

The course is troped accredited.

The faculty include:

  • Harald Lesch, Professor for Theoretical Astrophysics at LMU Munich, teaches natural philosophy at the Munich School of Philosophy.
  • Sabine Gabrysch, Professor for Climate Change and Health at Charité University Hospital Berlin and Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research.
  • Claudia Traidl-Hoffmann, Professor for Environmental Medicine, Helmholtz Zentrum – German Research Center for the Environment, University Hospital Augsburg.
  • Kris Murray, Senior Lecturer at Imperial College London and Associate Professor in Environment and Health at MRC Unit the Gambia @ LSHTM.
  • Nick Watts, NHS Sustainability Officer and former Executive Director The Lancet Countdown.
  • Nicole de Paula, SDGs Strategy Expert FAO, Founder Women Leaders for Planetary Health.
  • Ilona M. Otto, Head of Social Complexity and System Transformation Research GroupWegener Center for Climate and Global Change University of Graz.
  • Franziska Matthies-Wiesler, Climate Change and Health Expert, Helmholtz Zentrum – German Research Center for the Environment.
  • Ariane Hagl, Artist, Expert in creative change.
  • Christian Schulz, Managing Director German Alliance for Climate Change and Health (KLUG).
  • Maike Voss, Managing Director German Alliance for Climate Change and Health (KLUG).
  • Martin Herrmann, President German Alliance Climate Change and Health (KLUG).

For questions regarding the course please contact:
Dr. Martin Herrmann:
Lisa Hoffäller:
Paula Schwenke:

For registration please contact:
Lisa Hoffäller, MA PGCE, Teaching & Training Unit at the Division of Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine, Center for International Health, Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich, Phone: +49 (0)89 4400 59815,
Email: msc-ih@lrz.uni-muenchen.de, www.cih.lmu.de